Ostsee Karte Doris Manner
Ostsee Karte Doris Manner

Atlantis was Laying at the Coast of the Baltic Sea


A secret is solved. Atlantis is identical to the fabulous city of Vineta. The mysterious flints showed the way to this old ruined town in the Baltic Sea. Worldwide there are findings which confirm that civilised people have already lived in the saurian time. A cosmic catastrophe has finished not only the life of the saurians, it also led to the downfall of Atlantis. The flints which one finds everywhere on the coasts of the sea are charred petrified organic remains of the cosmic catastrophes.


For our Germanic forefathers the flints had an almost mystical meaning until the 15th century. They were depicted on important paintings, Gobelins and on church windows, etc. On a painting of the crucifixion it is evident, that they were symbols for the end of the world.


According to the officially scientific opinion the flints are random products of the nature. However, the approved origin theory is strongly doubted by specialists. Many people discover on the flints tracks which could not have originated in natural manner. They show that human beings were involved in their formation.


A big number of such findings on the Baltic coast were the starting point for my longstanding researches. The consideration that this place was already known to the old Teutons, led to the find of many old reports, stories und traditions of these ancient people and last to the conviction to have found the big town with the seven mighty embankments which Platon has described once.

Doris Manner Feuerstein inmitten von drei Kronen "A flint stone right in between three crowns at the top of a church window in the collegiate Church St. Waudru in Mons in Belgium"

About ten thousand years ago when the ice age slowly came to an end people found a strange stone scenery. On closer inspection they discovered that this was an ancient ruin town. The ice had covered the whole town increasingly and enclosed it at the end below a kilometers high layer. The buildings collapsed under the load of the ice.


When after the ice age plants, animals and eventually also humans came into this area the town was overgrown by grass and other plants.


The Beowulf legend reports about discovering this town. In the middle of it there was an elevation like a mountain. A man who was pursued was looking to hide himself in a cave of this mountain There he discovered in the cave treasures jugs and weapons.

Doris Manner König in der Berghöhle "The King in the Mountain Cave"

This mountain was a collapsed castle. Next to the treasures one also found people who looked as if they slept. About this people and their castle it ist written in many old heroes legends.


The message of this old town spreads like a wildfire in whole Europe. This town was bigger than any other town which existed at this time in Europe. For the Stone Age people who discovered the town first, the builder must have been giants, titans, gods or demigods.


The remains showed that the former inhabitants had died not only by a dreadful natural event, but that their town had been taken before it, after an awful fight.. Indeed, the remains also showed that the fight ended abruptly before the embankment walls of the castle. The castle was not taken. Still during the fight it came to the cosmic catastrophe. Ancien people assumed these primeval humans as the forefathers of the whole humanity. Everywhere in Europe the stories of these magnificent people and of their awful end is told.


The town was measured. In Egypt where there have been big libraries, a detailed report of these prime time people and their town could not be absent of course. We could never interpret all the many legends which exist about this town if there would not be this one ancient written report from Egypt which persisted nearly three millennia. Platon passed on this report to the future generations in hope that they would have once the possibility to check the truth.


The old ruined castle was lying like an island before the Baltic coast. It was separated from the mainland by a wide water jump. After the end of the ice age the sea level of the Baltic Sea raised bit by bit. One day the embankment walls could not withstand a heavy flood any moore. The embankments cracked and the whole island with the castle of the Atlantic kings sank into the Baltic Sea. This was the famous downfall of the island of Atlantis. It was just a small island in front of the Baltic coast. Between the first discovery of the old town and the downfall of the little island lay about two to three millenniums.


The hundreds of legends which circulated in whole Europe about these people became independent from the origin and got mixed with time with local legends. After some centuries the real origin place was mostly forgotten outside of Germania. Over time it was also forgotten that these events which tell the legends were millions of years back. Also it was forgotten that the different legends mostly decorated with a lot of imagination have a common root.


The legend researchers of the nineteenth century recognized this similarity. They gathered enormous collections of motives from all over the world in hope that a later time will draw of it high, universal-historical knowledge. The German legend researcher Grimm thought of it when he wrote: „... as if a secret connection of all people existed, or as if these same tones in the most distant areas of the world once belonged to a common melody.“

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