Jona in Ninive

jona in ninive

Ninive is one of the places, where the old sunken metropolis of the Atlantians was supposed to be. And the history of Jonas is one of many histories of the bible, which goes back to the human beings of the primeval time.
Jonas was chosen from God to convert the inhabitants of Ninive so that God can turn away the judgment from the city. However Jonas withdraws the task by getaway on a ship. In a storm the ship got in danger to sink. Jonas disobedience was the cause of the storm. Therefore, with his consent he was thrown by the crew into the sea.
In the sea, he became devoured by a big whale. "Jonas was in the body of the fish three days and three nights." So it is written in Jonas 2,1. In his despair, Jonas screamed from the depth to God: "Reed covered my head. I sank down to the grounds of the mountains; the earth had jailed me for an eternal time… " Jonas 2,6 and 7.
What is right now? - Three days or eternally?
God saved Jonas. And after it, Jonas went to Ninive. "Ninive was a big city before God however, one needs three days to cross it." Jona 3,3. This dimension corresponds to the metropolis of the Atlantians, which is twenty-four km in the diameter. The antique town Ninive in Assyria, measured only five kilometers in its longest expansion, along a river.
Jonas succeeds to convert the inhabitants of Ninive including the king. They had to wrap themselves into sacks, human beings and beasts. They fasted and drank only water, men and animals. As God saw their contrition, he spared the big city.
However that suited not at all to Jonas. Just like this he had imagined it. He strived to travel to Ninive. Then God decided differently, and the city doesn't sink however!  In this case he could have stayed at home as he decided first. He was now angry against God and made all sorts of tricks in order to show his displeasure. God followed him. But in the end God tried to calm him down with the following words: "I should not be moved to pity about Ninive, such big city, in which live about 120 000 men, who don’t know the difference between right and left and also there live a lot of animals?”
In the small town Ninive shall have lived more than 120 000 men and many animals? The population of Mesopotamia, the origin-country of culture, should not have known the difference between right and left?- Something can not be right here.
What should teach this story?  It is a cheerful fiction, which was told or performed. It is a cultural heritage, and it is value therefore to be protected.

Obviously this story came up at a time when people still knew, that the big town was laying in the north, where the barbarians lived. As one sees, people in former times have been amused about them. If they do penance, they clothe not only themselves but also their animals into sacks. And if they fast, also their animals must starve. They didn’t know the difference between right and left!
Even today, novels and stories are still written about Atlantis, although this authors don’t know where Atlantis lay once, and to which time the Atlantians have lived, and how their life really has happened. In the antiquity, which lay even much near to the former discovery of this gigantic primeval time-city as we, they invented innumerable histories about it.
In the course of time these stories have been considered as true history, therefore they came into the Bible, where they cause confusion among the readers. The old part of the Bible contains a lot of these histories about our human ancestors from the primeval time.

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